Hi, I'm Michael! I'm a designer, developer, and user experience activist. I love creating fast, easy-to-use apps and sites. I also enjoy sharing my ideas and my work.

Recent posts

  1. Hello (again) world

    Since I graduated from UCSD, I have finally had time to remake my personal site, which I just launched! In this post I'll talk about the design and development decisions that I made while building it.

  2. Graduation

    After a tough two years of finishing my college education at UC San Diego, I have finally graduated with a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science! Wait...what is cognitive science??

  3. Nexus 5X/6P Bootloop Fix

    The Android modding community has created a workaround for the bootloop issue common to the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P that leaves the phone endlessly rebooting—effectively useless and dead.